Ambitions: 2020

First of all… Happy new year! 🥳

All round 2019 wasn’t too bad, career wise I was able to achieve working for an enterprise company, rather than a start up, which of course opened my eyes to new technologies & processes. For the following years I have a lot of ambitions, one being progressing to a senior developer role, hopefully even a lead role, possibly further again. But beyond my career, one thing that I’d like to explore a lot of is studying Physics in my own time.

One area of study that I’m particularly interested in is the death of the universe, this makes me wonder many, many things, questions that I’m not educated nor qualified enough to answer. An example being whether or not it is possible to transfer dark energy into some state where it’s useful & concentrated. While this may be a bit of an ‘out there’ way of thinking, but it’s also made me think about what many people is the after life, personally I firmly believe that there’s no such thing. However, I don’t like to force my opinion or beliefs onto others, I simply believe in thermodynamics, where the entropy of a system continues to increase. Thus meaning that the energy that our bodies house will eventually become nothing more than dark energy, in billions or trillions of years to come.

This video that I’ve recently watched just makes me wonder about the universe & life as we know it. Will the universe reach some state where everything that has happened prior to has been essentially pointless? Who knows? Certainly not I.

Another area that I’d like to focus more time & energy around is understanding business processes to a much more detailed degree. I would love to essentially start my own business, the only issue I’m experiencing at this point in time is how all of my ‘great ideas’ already exist, sure I have a couple of ideas in how the existing products & platforms can improve, but not to the extent where I believe that it would be able to get off the ground.

In addition to learning more about business processes, I’m also going to invest more time into learning different technical ecosystems, since at this point in time, I’m mostly comfortable with Azure, Java & Angular. But who knows what will be the next big in thing? Will Go over rule Java? Speaking of which, I plan on learning Go, in addition to Koltin, maybe Scala if I can justify learning it.

Anyway, before this turns into an essay, I hope you all had a good start to the new year! I wish you all the best!

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