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Joseph Evans

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Joseph Evans

Software Engineer

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2022 – The New Year

January 8, 2022 Updates
2022 – The New Year

In recent months I’ve been somewhat absent to my blog, long story put short, I’ve been incredibly busy with both my work & my personal life. Personally I’m going through a lot of general changes in my life at this point in time. Whether that means doing some house work or simply preparing for other aspects of my life, etc.

With my work however, it has been absolutely crazy. I’m currently struggling to combat burn out, it’s not a reflection on the company itself or the culture, etc. But rather, it’s a reflection on the fact that we’re such a small team with extremely big ambitions! ?

While we’re still a startup, undeniably, we’re trying to compete with some other brands out there. We’re also trying to work on some very exciting features, some of which could borderline justify launching an entirely new & isolated product from QuoteOnSite.

Not to sound overly generic, but one of my ambitions for this year is to get back into the swing of things with my personal blog. I want to start sharing some more interesting projects & generally some pretty cool ideas around software development in general, at least what I consider to be cool ideas anyway. ?

I hope that you’re all looking forward to the ride! Let’s hope that this year is better than the last! ?

Other Ambitions

I really want to hit the ground running with trying to start working on a personal project, if working at QuoteOnSite has taught me anything, it’s how to write more flexible & more modular software. I want to delve into more on how, but that’d might be giving away too much, so for now, I’ll keep my lips sealed! ?

Like nearly everyone else, I also want to aim to lose some more weight, last year I did pretty good, I managed to lose around 1 stone towards the mid-tail end of the year. Thankfully I didn’t put too much back on over the festive season!

I also want to try & develop more of an emergency fund, times are pretty tough for everyone right now, all the more reason why I think that people need an emergency fund more now than possibly ever? Perhaps that’s a slight dramatisation, but I’m confident that you get my point, it’s a pretty damn important thing to have at the moment.

Another ambition of mine is to generally start doing more exercise, I know a lot of people that generally need to do more exercise. But at the moment, as a software developer that works from home, you can imagine, naturally I’m not gonna be the most active of people. So for the sake of my long term health, it’s something I really need to consider, e.g. I don’t want to be sat around too long, otherwise problems such as blood clots could develop, or worse? ?‍♂️


All in all, I’m not going to be overly optimistic & have the mindset that 2022 is going to be “my year”, but I don’t want to be a complete pessimist, I’m hoping that for the most part, 2022 will be a pretty awesome year! ?

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